3 Tips To Keep Your Email Lists Clean

There are many reasons to practice regular list cleansing, but here’s our 3 top tips to ensure your email marketing lists are in tip-top condition.

  1. Know the risks of purchasing third party lists
    Whilst it might seem an attractive proposition to instantly boost yourdatabase with hundreds of new emails at a fairly low cost, more often than not, these lists are out of date before you even handed over your credit card.  The nature of these lists, the vendors don’t maintain them, and its likely to maintain Spam Traps. Remove potential spam traps quickly before you send that first campaign!
  2. Eliminate Hard Bounces and Invalids
    Most email delivery tools will automatically remove hard bounces after two or three attempts (depending on they policies) and that’s a good thing. Continuously sending email to invalid email addresses can have a negative impact on your delivery rates and other reporting
  3. Remove inactives
    Ok, so we sound like a broken record.  But really  Inactive emails are doing your online reputation potential damage. Especially since ISPs (internet service providers)  are looking at response rates to determine if this email should pass their spam filters..

Use an email verification service like Check-Email.com that will automatically remove Spam Traps, Hard Bounces, Inactives and Duplicate emails (or at least flag them in your database). It may seem like an additional line item in your digital marketing budget, but maintaining clean lists is a best practice that will ensure your email campaigns are more effective in the long run.

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