7 ways to write better email subject lines

When it comes to email marketing, subject lines are everything. The subject line is the first thing your recipient sees – it’s that make-or-break moment to catch their attention and push them to open the email and read on. Too dull and they’ll skim right over it. Too flashy and it could go be filtered Read more about 7 ways to write better email subject lines[…]

7 Myths of Email Marketing – Infographic

Have you heard someone tell you that an email’s subject line can send your email campaign to the spam folder? Perhaps you have a colleague who obsesses the only optimal time to send the campaign is 3pm on Thursdays. These are commonly cited wisdom’s about email marketing, and as the below Infographic by Alchemy Worx Read more about 7 Myths of Email Marketing – Infographic[…]

The Rise of Marketing Automation – Infographic

Marketing automation has grown to a $1.65 billion industry, according to the following infographic by Marketing Automation Insider. An estimated 142,00 businesses now use marketing automation. Here’s a look at the rise of marketing automation and reasons for its popularity. The first marketing automation tool was Unica in 1992. Due to faster Internet speeds in 2006, marketing Read more about The Rise of Marketing Automation – Infographic[…]

The Most Important Lead Sources of 2015

Email Marketing has long been revered for its effectiveness. This infographic from Momentum Marketing shows it as the most important source for outbound leads, surpassing every other outbound lead source by several points. On the inbound marketing side, email closely follows social media and SEO for generating leads. In other words, email marketing rains supreme Read more about The Most Important Lead Sources of 2015[…]

Why you should test on Mobile and Desktop seperately

While running A/B tests on all your traffic at once might seem like a good idea (to get a bigger sample size faster), in reality it’s not. You need to target mobile and desktop audiences separately. Here are 5 reasons why. #1: Different things work What ends up winning for desktop audiences, often does not Read more about Why you should test on Mobile and Desktop seperately[…]

3 Tips To Keep Your Email Lists Clean

There are many reasons to practice regular list cleansing, but here’s our 3 top tips to ensure your email marketing lists are in tip-top condition. Know the risks of purchasing third party lists Whilst it might seem an attractive proposition to instantly boost yourdatabase with hundreds of new emails at a fairly low cost, more Read more about 3 Tips To Keep Your Email Lists Clean[…]

How Do Spam Filters Work?

You may be surprised but most spam filters are much more sophisticated than just the words in your email. We’ve all received emails which contain offers with enhancing supplements or get rich quick schemes.  But it’s not just these phrases which trigger a content filters. In fact, they actually work by assigning a point to Read more about How Do Spam Filters Work?[…]