When should I send my campaign?

When you send your e-mail marketing can be absolutely crucial for getting the attention it deserves. Send it too early, and it’s simply ineffective; too late, and the same result.

Many people don’t think that sending their e-mail marketing campaign at any specific time makes a difference whatsoever – after all, the e-mail will wait in the inbox until the person gets around to opening, right? It seems as if it should be so simple, but a recent study by KISSmetrics proves otherwise.

Open Rates are highest during the morning and on weekends. It’s not hard to see why – on weekends, folks have time on their side so they can surf through e-mails at their leisure. Interestingly too, click rates are also highest on weekends for the same reason: your recipients simply have more time to browse.

During the working week, the best time is between 6am-10am, as most people begin their day, the fact is, most people procrastinate before getting started! Later into the evening, between 7pm and 10pm, is also an excellent time to send your campaign. When people are looking to wind down, they tend to check email. During these few hours, consumers tend to react very well to sales, and special promotions from places like gyms.

Statistically, both of these times are the best time to send your e-mail marketing. It isn’t as if it’s useless to send them any other time of the day, but those other times simply aren’t as effective.

For example, between 10am and noon, many workers choose to hunker down on their work. However, if you’re trying to sell something along the lines of real estate or financial services, sending your e-mails between 3pm-5pm is equally as effective as in the morning and evening due to workers becoming apathetic about their work and more introspective about what they want in life.

Overall, what works in one industry may be different in another. But experimenting with your send time may get different results to your campaign.

Have you found an optimum day /time to send your campaign? How did you come up with that method? Share your perfect timing in comments below!

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