7 Myths of Email Marketing – Infographic

Have you heard someone tell you that an email’s subject line can send your email campaign to the spam folder? Perhaps you have a colleague who obsesses the only optimal time to send the campaign is 3pm on Thursdays. These are commonly cited wisdom’s about email marketing, and as the below Infographic by Alchemy Worx Read more about 7 Myths of Email Marketing – Infographic[…]

The Rise of Marketing Automation – Infographic

Marketing automation has grown to a $1.65 billion industry, according to the following infographic by Marketing Automation Insider. An estimated 142,00 businesses now use marketing automation. Here’s a look at the rise of marketing automation and reasons for its popularity. The first marketing automation tool was Unica in 1992. Due to faster Internet speeds in 2006, marketing Read more about The Rise of Marketing Automation – Infographic[…]